Technical Training


We consider the acceptance of the income-generating potential of a mentally disabled person as a hallmark of their acceptance in society. The process is cyclical - successful performance at work instills self-confidence; and the confident person is viewed positively by society and is accepted easily.

Unfortunately, many people with mental disability are still not provided with the necessary training, placement and other supports to acquire market-driven skills, or to be placed in an appropriate position or to be mentored through the early stages of the job. At present, many of them are idle, or work in jobs with earnings that do not reflect their capabilities. This happens since the major employer, the NGO, is unable to utilize their skills in a manner that leads to a self-sufficient unit. Thus, sheltered workshops produce goods that are not in keeping with the current market trends leading to poor sales, enhancing unfortunately the myth that such persons are not capapble of leading useful and productive lives.

Based on our experience of marketing and sales for over 5 years, the goal of the technical training institution was reworked to provide training in trades that are economically viable.