Social Skill Development


It is known that children learn by watching others, imitating actions, and cuing into subtle social signals, and though the same rule applies for children with mental disabilities, the lack of opportunity makes it troublesome for them to acquire the desired expertise. Research has indicated that competence in social skills is a significant indicator of a child's success in and out of the classroom. Further, social skill intervention is most successful when the intervention is implemented using many modes of learning, naturalistic settings, and positive peer models.

Given this, social skill development intervention through leisure facilities was undertaken in a planned manner, where students spanning Delhi are provided platforms to deal with new social situations and in the process widen their circle of friends.

Dance Magic

As part of SFCD's Social Club activities, the Parent Support Network of the Society organizes a program called Dance Magic, which is actually a Jam session, where we provide an opportunity for teens and young adults to enjoy the joy of dancing to popular music, like others of their age group. The program is sponsored by the rock band Parikrama and consists of taped contemporary music managed by a DJ.

We conduct this program every month in different parts of the city. Our schedule is on the first Wednesday of the month and is usually between 4 - 6 pm to provide an ambience of "fun after school". The schedule of the zones is prepared at the beginning of each academic year. All schools in the zone are intimated of the program and are encouraged to inform parents to send their youngsters (and attend themselves as well!). In the past we have had groups where siblings and grandparents have also joined in the jamming!

Saturday Walks

SFCD conducts Saturday Walks for special children on the last Saturday of every month as part of the Creative Club activities of PSN. These walks are always informative and not just confined to being enjoyable alone. The children go on walks which are based on specific themes like history, religion, nature, etc. The walks provide fun to the kids and also add to their knowledge, which helps in the development of their individuality.

Images of Young adults during Walks and Dance Magic Programs