School Education


We carry the conviction that persons with mental disabilities, like all humans, have the capacity to learn, to develop, and to grow. We believe that the great majority of these persons can become productive and full participants in society provided of course they have the same access to appropriate and quality education.

Appropriate educational services that begin in infancy and continue throughout the developmental period and beyond, enable children with mental disabilities develop to their fullest potential. As with all education, modifying instruction to meet individual needs is the starting point for their successful learning. Throughout a child's education, we consider their parents to be an integral part of the planning team.

Prabhat Special School

Prabhat, a school for children with learning difficulties was the first project undertaken by SFCD in 1992. It was believed then, as it is now, that the path to self-actualization begins its journey when education is provided at the appropriate time and with quality. Thus, Prabhat provides its students with an educational and training facility that empowers them with the skills that are essential for a successful life as an adult. These skills include among others, those gained from academic, language, behavioral and pre-vocational teachings.

Over the years, the school has developed a systematic approach to the delivery of these services. In 1999, the student strength grew to 70 students in the age group of 3 to 15 years. An Early Stimulation service is also being nurtured to provide as early a start as possible for children with mental handicap.

Facilities Provided
Emphasis is laid on the following;
 Development of self help skills
 Academics: Hindi, Mathematics.
 General Science, Social Studies, General Knowledge
 Speech and language development
 Physical training and development
 Drama (theater)
 Free mid-day meals

System of Assessments
Each academic year is divided into 3 semesters commencing in July after the summer break.
 1st Semester           July to September
 2nd Semester          October to January
 3rd Semester          February to May

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of every month. During these meetings parents are apprised of the progress being made by their children and the results of assessments. Parents are also involved in the formulation of the IEP and are consulted for changes or additions that they may consider necessary for their ward. During these meetings talks and workshops on contemporary issues related to disabilities are organized

The curriculum of the school has evolved over the years by adopting many different modes of imparting skills. Students are therefore encouraged to participate in varied activities. All essential support facilities like physio and occupational therapy are available in house. The facilities of a multi gym have been acquired through a generous donation from the American wives Association. A Master Speech, an audiometer and a Ball pool have recently been installed from the donations received from TARGET, a U.S. based organization. 2 trainees from the Delhi Institute of Rural Development assist the school by administering occupational therapy to the students once every month.