Apne Sahare Independent Living Center


The Apne Sahare Independent Living Center at Shakti Nagar was established to provide a home for individuals with severe mental disabilities and teach these young adults to live independently, perform their daily chores without assistance and become self reliant.

Apne Sahare is staffed by experienced and dedicated caregivers who cater their services to fit the needs of the disabled individual and his or her family.

Frequently asked questions:

Who can stay at the Apne Sahare Independent Living Center?
Young adults with severe mental disabilities are eligible to live at Apne Sahare.

For how long do individuals stay at Apne Sahare?

Apne Sahare provides long-term care, for up to two years. Residents stay at the center during the week in a fully furnished facility with 24 hour care, and then return home on weekends.
What will my child learn at Apne Sahare?
Your child will train at the Vocational Training Center to learn market-driven skills that can be translated into employment after graduation. The curriculum at Apne Sahare teaches residents how to be self-reliant so that they may ease into an independent adult life.
What facilities are provided?
Recreation activities
Employment training at VTC
social activities
Housing and meals during the week
Application Information:

To speak with a SFCD representative about the Apne Sahare Independent Living Center, please contact the main office at 41727004.

The center is being partially supported by the National Trust for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities


Officer -in- charge Punita Buch Cook Rekha Devi
Attendant Jitesh- Attendant Nek Singh