The Society for Child Development would like to thank the many volunteers who have worked with us over the years. Their contributions have helped make it possible for the SFCD to embark on new projects and continue expanding our reach.

Alexandra Welch is a political science student from Yale University. She volunteered at the Society for Child Development for two months in the summer of 2008. During this time she helped develop the SFCD and Trash-to-Cash websites and also participated in the Legal Literacy Campaign.
Swastik Kulkarni, is presently learning Japanese & pursuing a Masters' degree in Business Administration from Annamalai University. His association with SFCD began since January 2008 continues till the present day. His experience in SFCD has been overwhelming and the kind of exposure he has got has made him more tolerant towards the problem of disability in India. Moreover, in his words, it is through SFCD that he has come across persons who are genuinely concerned for the society at large.
Ms. Sarika Khanna, a young lively woman working in Noida, is one of our most vibrant volunteers. She regularly conducts our Saturday Walks, and the children thoroughly enjoy her company. Her costumes, which very aptly relate to the venues for the walks as well as her way of conducting the tours, are loved by the children. She has made the Saturday Walks a favourite among all.
Currently, Kunal Dhawan, is pursuing his graduation from Delhi University and alongside also learning the Japanese language. He has been associated with the Society for Child Development for around six months. It has been a wonderful journey for him, in his words. According to him, it feels great to be a part of this organization as he enjoys being with these differently-abled children and bringing smiles to their faces.

Siddhi Kaul: Siddhi’s business and organizational skills as a volunteer have been invaluable to several of our programs, most of which have been initiated from the ground. For example, a key area of our work is in the area of employment for persons with disability, especially those with intellectual disability. In one such program, persons with intellectual disability are taught to recycle flowers from temples and hotels that are otherwise immersed in the river for disposal. These flowers are collected and converted into natural dyes and compost. Siddhi helped document the processes involved culminating in a business plan which has been our guide to this day. For his contribution, he was awarded "The Volunteer - Community Services for the year 2015 in the category of Environmental Protection"