Educational materials:

Early Diagnostic Kit:

For the early detection of disabilities by pediatricians, rehabilitation specialists/workers and researchers. This kit has been validated by Dr Santosh Mittal, when he was the head of the Department of Pediatrics, LNJP Hospital, New Delhi.
Early Stimulation Kit:
Designed specifically for young pre-scholars, the Early Stimulation Kit features a hands-on learning approach based on psychological learning principles, An academically rich early childhood education program, it helps children with learning problems and mental retardation develop the skills they need in school, at a pace consistent with their individual developmental readiness
Description of the Kit: The kit comes in 2 versions, a larger group size kit that can be used simultaneously by 10 children in a learning center. Alternatively, the child kit can be used by the individual child as a personal educational aid.

Concepts taught: The kit teaches motor skills, pre-academic skills, cognitive skills, language development, etc. The Early Stimulation Kit stresses exploration and experimentation while incorporating broad-based learning experiences that provide the foundation for academic success and lifelong skills. Specifically, the Early Stimulation Kit:

  Includes literacy, and math components
  Encourages thinking and problem-solving
  Provides an environment to develop an appreciation and joy of learning

Scientific Validation: The kit was tested for 10 years in Prabhat Special School, New Delhi which is supported by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, in 200 anganwadis in East Delhi, in a project supported by UNICEF and it was used in a pilot project in collaboration with another leading NGO (Pratham) running a Balwadi program covering 500 blocks in East Delhi.