Yamuna Shramadan

On 7 December 2007 SFCD hosted the annual Yamuna Shramdaan, supported by the Department of Environment. Over 1500 enthusiastic children with and without disabilities gathered on the banks of the Yamuna to clean to river.

Students with and without a disability each partnered together to join forces and clean the river Yamuna. Through this effort, the Yamuna Shramdaan initiative provided:

First-hand experience of the river Yamuna and the river that surrounds it.
First-hand experience how an individual can contribute to maintaining its cleanliness.
First-hand experience that it need not be a chore - and when done together leads to a powerful sense of achievement.
First-hand experience that everyone can contribute to this effort - that there is no prejudice that could deter a person - irrespective of whether they are unable to see, or unable to hear or unable to fully comprehend the proceedings.