Clean Yamuna Temple Flower Project

*Supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests

The Clean Yamuna Temple Flower Project is SFCD's latest endeavor and organizes children and adults to clean the river Yamuna. Its purpose is two-fold:

To include all persons-children with and without disabilities-in the process of generating this awareness, commitment and responsibility
To develop a sense of commitment and responsibility towards the environment

Events organized for the Clean Yamuna Temple Flower Project include:
  Workshop on recycling of temple flowers
  Vermi composting workshop at the Pusa Institute
  Workshop on Packaging and Processing
  Integrated Cultural Competition
  Poster Competition
  Slogan Competition
  Yamuna Shramdaan
The project has been a great success.
In 2005, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, 100 government, public and special schools participated in a year long program replete with monthly workshops, poster competitions, and other interactive sessions.
A monthly newsletter called "Jal Tarang" was initiated to maintain a continuous dialogue about environmental protection and share the progress of the project. It is available in a print version in English and in an audio version in Hindi.