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Website: www.disabilityindia.org
Phone #: 46579691
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Society for Child Development created the Disability India Network in 1999 to work as a one-stop portal for disability related issues in India. It is now the largest and most well known website on disability in India.

*Winner of the Manthan Award for the best e-content practices in India.

The Disability India Network hosts a variety of useful resources, including:
Unique discussion board: a place for members to share experiences and share information, such as employment notices, etc. There are over 1500 members and the website receives about 350 hits daily.
Disability organizations database: a searchable list of government, and non-government organizations related to disability.
Legal information database: explains disability laws in an understandable and comprehensive fashion.
Disability India Journal: A weekly online journal of news reports from Hindi and the English print media.
Case summaries: a database of relevant cases that have been analyzed and summarized for greater readability.
List of facilities, benefits and services available to persons with disabilities: a comprehensive resource for individuals with disabilities.
Online library and book review


Our legal awareness project had its genesis in a small incident that subsequently sparked off a process, which in its final form today has gained much acclaim and appreciation for its usability and outreach.

A colorblind on being denied admission in a medical college on ground of his disability, approached us. We encouraged him to fight his case in the Court of Law, providing him with whatever assistance and support we could. He won the case, his father wrote down their experience of the case with all the relevant details, and we posted it on our website: http://www.disabilityindia.org.

A few months later, a young boy from Delhi faced a similar problem. While searching for a solution, he came across the story of the colorblind boy on our website and approached us for assistance. We gave him the information related to the case that he presented before the Dean of Colleges, based on which he was granted admission!

The case made us realize the value of sharing information and we embarked upon this project!

The legal information on Disability India is also available in Hindi in audio CDs, audio cassettes and video CD ROMs (with sign language interpretation). If you would like to order a copy, please contact Dr. Madhumita Puri at madhumita.puri@gmail.com.
Disability Law and Access to Rights:
  A database of information related to disability law was created and uploaded on the Disability India Network website.
  The information is also available in CDs, audio cassettes, and sign language VCDs for dissemination to people from different disability groups
  This project was supported by Handicap International
  A Helpline was started in April 2008, to provide on-the-spot assistance to mothers with children with special need. Still in its infancy the service has received calls from about 20 - 25 mothers each month and emails queries from across the world at an average of about 50 - 60 per month.
  Phone #: 46579691 Email:helpline@sfcd-india.org